Create your Rubber Ducky

Photo by Jason Richard on Unsplash

Rubber ducky is a device that abuses the Human Interface Devices protocol in Operation Systems to pass keyboard commands in a way that it can compromise the target machine. Also, it exploits human curiosity because almost every person in the world would stick an “apparently” lost USB stick found in a parking lot in their own or company devices.

Having a response time being around 0.5 seconds, you’ll not have time to react after the attack starts.

The script possibilities are infinite, and they can be custom for each specific target OS. You can create reverse shells, keyloggers, firewall disablers, and the list goes on.

The official device sells at Hak5, and it became famous after the shine appearance in the Mr. Robot series.

But you can create your custom rubber ducky using a microcontroller that could mimic the behavior of the famous device.

Photo by Vishnu Mohanan on Unsplash

Are you ready?

Step 1:
Grab your Raspberry Pi Pico.

Step 2:
Follow my GitHub repo with all the resources you need.

Disclaimer: use only for educational purposes, and always be driven by great ethics when you’ll be using this device.




Express, one shot content, all about Cyber Security

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Henrique Cabral

Henrique Cabral

Express, one shot content, all about Cyber Security

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